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We Invented a Better Physical for Athletes

Updated: Apr 17

A sports physical is an essential, mandatory step for athletes, ensuring they are fit and safe to participate. But athletes deserve a comprehensive approach that goes far beyond mere approval to play. 

That’s why Tomahawk Science’s Neurological Sport Physicals (NSPs) include advanced neurological and dynamic movement-based screening. This screening is crucial in identifying potential issues that, if unaddressed, could lead to injuries. For instance, volleyball players are particularly susceptible to ACL/MCL, ankle and shoulder injuries. And by getting a personal baseline early, athletes can benefit from tailored, sport-specific programming that can help avoid injuries and enhance their individual performance.

Timing: May - August 2024, Monday - Saturday

Location*: Tomahawk Science @ North Shore Sports Center

Neurological Sport Physicals are performed and overseen by a certified medical professional.

*For large groups (teams, leagues, etc), NSPs can be performed on-site at athlete locations.


  • Standard annual physical for athletes  AKA Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (mandatory for all student athletes)

    • Full physical exam including review of medical and injury history

    • Focus on top injury prone areas for athlete's sport(s)

  • Comprehensive neurological performance exam Head-to-toe neurological exam encompassing the central and peripheral nervous systems.

    • Assessment of all cranial nerves

    • Concussion baseline screening

    • Reflexes

    • Sensory and Motor function

    • Full pupillary assessment  

  • Movement appraisal and functional capacity screening The screening will assess various aspects of movement, including flexibility, balance, muscular strength, and joint stability. These assessments can reveal imbalances or weaknesses that might not be apparent in everyday activities but could become problematic under the physical stresses of sports.

    • Movement screen

    • Functional muscle testing

    • Objective Balance screen

    • Movement sequence

  • Sport-specific performance testing and assessment 

    • ex. vertical jump, broad jump, bench press, reaction time screening

COST Tomahawk Science accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield

AFTER THE PHYSICAL Determine Prime Performance Plan (optional)

Based on the results of the physical, the Tomahawk Science team creates a comprehensive sports science program tailored to the athlete’s individual needs.

Example Prime Performance plan focus areas: injury prevention, mobility, strength, weight management, recovery, neuromuscular optimization (reaction time, spatial awareness, focus/concentration, processing speed, multitasking)

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